What We Offer

Proactive Protection

Preserving your wealth is our top priority

At L&S Advisors, we put safety first. This means uncompromising risk management and strong wealth preserving safeguards. In contrast to traditional buy-and-hold strategies, which can decimate portfolios during market declines, we aim to reduce downside loss by increasing our exposure to cash in high-risk environments. When indicators improve, we tactically reinvest in equities. Our primary goal is to protect capital and give you peace of mind, while still allowing for upside participation.

Disciplined Process

Our investments are driven by research—not emotion

L&S Advisor’s investment process is rigorous, data-driven, and grounded in an unemotional buy-and-sell discipline. We continuously track over 100 proprietary economic data points, drawing on a wide range of sources and our own expert insights to filter through the noise. All of our investment decisions are backed by a top-down macroeconomic approach with comprehensive sector and industry research and analysis. We tactically select what we perceive to be promising individual equities identified by our research. It’s an uncompromising, unbiased approach designed to precisely balance opportunity and risk.

Agile Strategies

We’re free to invest where we see opportunity and adapt when conditions change

The markets move freely, and so do our long/cash equity investment strategies. We believe our portfolios are agile and unconstrained. Our active approach allows us to adjust our asset allocation as market conditions change. We tactically seek attractive investment opportunities without restriction by sector, market capitalization, or style. The result is a flexible strategy designed for income and long-term growth with real-time risk management built in. It allows us to pursue both absolute and total returns with less of the volatility, leverage, and liquidity risks associated with other market strategies.

Proven Performance

We’re backed by a history of strong risk-adjusted returns

When it comes to performance, our track record speaks for itself. L&S Advisors has been protecting capital and delivering stable absolute returns across a broad range of market environments and boom and bust cycles. In comparison to the leading market indices, our long/cash equity strategies have historically experienced far less volatility and downside participation while still achieving compelling long-term returns.*

*See important disclosures regarding performance and see our strategies page for actual characteristics and returns.

Trusted Experts

Count on us to manage what matters

You can rely on L&S Advisors to guide you with integrity and insight. As an independent, fee-only RIA, your financial success is our only priority. L&S Advisors dedicates all of our resources and expertise to managing equity investments. It’s our only business. What’s more, we invest our own assets alongside our clients. We’re more than just your investment advisor. We’re in this together. It’s just one more reason why so many families trust us with their wealth across multiple generations.