Risk Management Investment Philosophy

At L&S Advisors, preserving your capital is our top priority. The goal of our long/cash investment approach is to offer uncompromising risk management and powerful downside protection, while aiming for smooth and steady growth.

We’ve all heard the standard buy-and-hold investment advice: stay the course no matter what’s happening in the economy, even when stocks are plunging. According to this philosophy, if you just hang in there, the markets will eventually recover and your patience will be rewarded. Trouble is, falling markets can quickly decimate your portfolio, and recovery can take years—sometimes even decades.

Very few investors can afford to wait that long just to get back to where they started. That’s why L&S Advisors makes protecting the downside our top priority. Above all, our goal is to help you avoid significant drawdowns and keep your portfolio steadily growing.

Proactive wealth protection: Our long/cash approach

L&S Advisors takes a proactive approach to protecting and growing your investments. In contrast to passive buy-and-hold strategies, we aim to mitigate downside loss by increasing our exposure to cash in high-risk environments. When indicators improve, we tactically reinvest in equities. Our unique long/cash investment approach is designed to reduce risk, smooth volatility, and limit capital drawdowns while aiming to deliver attractive, stable returns.


When it comes to performance, our track record speaks for itself. L&S Advisors has been preserving capital and delivering stable absolute returns across a broad range of market environments and boom and bust cycles. In comparison to the leading market indices, our long/cash equity strategies have historically experienced far less volatility and downside participation while still achieving compelling long-term returns.*

*See important disclosures regarding performance.