Private Client

At L&S Advisors, we’ve been helping individuals and families manage their wealth for almost 40 years. We do so by taking a different approach to investing—one that puts risk management first.

Our proprietary L&S Risk Pulse™ is at the heart of it all. Based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis, it’s a rigorous and deeply thoughtful process that seeks to weigh market risks to help us determine when we should take steps to try to reduce downside exposure and safeguard portfolios. We rely on it to inform our investment decisions and to strategically balance opportunity and risk.

Whether you’re seeking downside protection, aggressive growth, or something in between, we strive to have the investment choices you need to pursue your goals. You can depend on us to guide your portfolio through today’s ever-shifting markets—whatever your objectives may be.

L&S Advisors at a Glance

  • L&S Advisors is an independent, fee‐only Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), owned by its employees and based in Los Angeles.
  • We offer a full suite of holistic wealth management services, including comprehensive financial planning as well as equity, fixed income and alternative investment strategies, multi-strategy blends, and custom portfolios.
  • Our co-founders, Sy Lippman and Rick Scott, each bring more than 40 years of investment management experience.
  • We have vast experience with Estate and Gift Planning as well as Tax, Insurance, Marital and Cross-Border Planning. We can work with you to develop a specific plan to meet your investment goals.
  • L&S is a fiduciary, meaning we place our clients’ needs above our own and operate according to the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and accountability.
  • We invest a significant percentage of our own family capital alongside that of our clients in the same L&S Advisor strategies.

Personalized Portfolio Solutions

L&S Advisors provides high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families with personalized wealth management services completely customized to your needs and backed by a committed, caring team of experts.

Multi-Strategy Blends and Customized Solutions

In addition to more than a dozen individual equity, fixed income and alternative strategies, we offer multi-strategy blends and completely customized portfolios that are optimized according to your risk tolerance, diversification demands, and other unique financial objectives. With our diverse range of strategies and styles, we can help you create an investment mix that’s precisely tailored to your goals.

Note: The above is for illustrative purposes only and meant to show a sample L&S multi-strategy blend. Actual blends may vary.

A Solution for You


Looking to secure your family’s future? We can develop a financial plan that can potentially help.


Explore options that can potentially help provide steady income after retirement.

Widows, Widowers & Divorcees

Discover strategies that can potentially help you maintain your standard of living.

Investing with L&S Advisors

At L&S Advisors, relationships matter above all else. Our top priority is developing a meaningful connection based on a deep understanding of your needs and a dedication to fulfilling your goals. When you invest with us, you get a committed partner who truly cares. In contrast to corporate mega-firms, we offer highly-responsive service and personalized portfolios precisely tailored to your goals.

With nearly four decades of experience, you can trust L&S Advisors to be there for you—whatever your needs and whatever the future brings.

Please contact us to learn more about how L&S Advisors strives to help you preserve and grow your wealth.