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At L&S Advisors, we seek to provide expert investment guidance and exceptional service. We offer clients of Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) and Broker/Dealers a different approach to investing—one that puts risk management first.

Our proprietary L&S Risk Pulse™ is at the heart of it all. Based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis, it’s a rigorous and deeply thoughtful process that seeks to weigh market risks to help us determine when we should take steps to try to reduce downside exposure and safeguard portfolios. We rely on it to inform our investment decisions and to strategically balance opportunity and risk.

Whether seeking downside protection, aggressive growth, or something in between, we seek to provide the choices investors need to pursue their goals. We believe you can depend on us to guide you through today’s ever-shifting markets—whatever the investment objectives may be.

L&S Advisors at a Glance

  • We offer a diverse range of equity and fixed income investment strategies.
  • Our co-founders, Sy Lippman and Rick Scott, each bring more than 40 years of investment management experience.
  • Our other portfolio managers, Craig Weston and Ken Malamed, each bring more than 30 years of investment management experience.
  • Our firm claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). Upon request, L&S can provide a Verification Report from our GIPS Verifier.  See important disclosure for additional information about GIPS and GIPS verification.
  • We invest a significant percentage of our own family capital alongside that of our clients in the same L&S Advisors strategies.
  • We seek to provide a superior level of personal attention and service.

Portfolio Strategies

Our innovative investment strategies are designed to balance opportunity and risk. From equity to fixed income strategies, we strive to provide the choices investors need to meet their financial goals.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all strategies are approved on all RIA and Broker/Dealer platforms. Please consult with your RIA or Broker/Dealer for the list of approved strategies for your RIA or Broker/Dealer platform.

Solutions for You

Financial Advisors

Find out how L&S can potentially help your clients seek to grow and protect their portfolios.

Investing with L&S Advisors

When you partner with L&S Advisors, you get innovative strategies and highly-responsive personal service. Our portfolio managers are easily accessible, always ready to answer questions and provide insights. We focus on managing the risk of our investors so they are free to focus elsewhere.

With decades of experience, you can trust L&S Advisors to be there for you—whatever your needs and whatever the future brings.

Please contact us to learn more about how we believe L&S Advisors can better serve you.