You’ve worked hard to get where you are,
but where do you go from here?
How will you grow and protect your wealth?

A New Kind of Diversification

L&S Advisors believes in putting risk management first. Our diverse range of
investment choices seeks to help you both preserve and grow your wealth.

Private Client

Would you like to jumpstart your retirement savings? Set up a financial plan for the future? Safeguard your assets and lifestyle? Whatever your priorities, our goal is to help guide you.

Financial Advisor

Looking to better serve your clients? We free you to focus on your business relationships, secure in the knowledge that we’re on top of your clients' investments and working toward their goals.


As a GIPS-verified firm, we strive to have the options you need to meet your institution’s financial goals, with strategies that are disciplined, research-driven, and built to balance opportunity and risk.

What We Offer

Relationship Based Service

Relationship-Based Service

When it comes to our clients, it’s personal.
We’re deeply committed to your needs.

Relationship Based Service

Trusted and Experienced Experts

With decades of experience, you can rely on L&S Advisors to guide you with integrity and industry insight.

Relationship Based Service

Innovative Risk Management

We’re both disciplined and nimble when it
comes to managing investment risk.

Relationship Based Service

Personalized Financial Plans and Portfolios

Whatever your investment goals, we can seek to
provide solutions to help get you there.

Relationship Based Service

A Human Touch

We offer highly-responsive service—not
automated or impersonal advice.

A Solution For You


Looking to secure your family’s future? We can  develop a financial plan that can potentially help.


Explore options that can potentially help provide steady income after retirement.

Widows, Widowers & Divorcees

Discover strategies that can potentially help you maintain your standard of living.

Financial Advisors

Find out how L&S can potentially help your clients seek to grow and protect their portfolios.