Financial Advisor Solutions

Bill: The Financial Advisor

Financial Situation:

Bill is a financial advisor with a client who is elderly, newly widowed, and in need of income. Bill is looking to place his clients’ assets with a portfolio manager who focuses on capital preservation and risk management.

The L&S Solution:

L&S has numerous strategies approved on a number of broker/dealer platforms. L&S would work with  Bill to introduce his client to the L&S Guardian Strategies, which seek growth through active and tactical exposure to equities while also focusing on downside protection and capital preservation.

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Blue Sky Capital: The RIA Looking for a Sub-Advisor

Financial Situation:

Blue Sky Capital is a small RIA that works to place their clients’ portfolios with other advisors. They’re interested in placing some of their clients’ assets in a growth-oriented equity and high-yield fixed income strategy.

The L&S Solution:

L&S offers numerous strategies for RIAs looking for a sub-advisor. In the case of Blue Sky, we would offer our Equity Growth Strategy (from our L&S Sprinter Equity Strategies) and our High Yield Bond Strategy (from our L&S Fixed Income Strategies). The Equity Growth Strategy seeks growth through capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of companies that we expect can potentially grow earnings and revenues at a rate faster than the average company. Our High Yield Bond Strategy seeks to generate high levels of taxable income and modest capital appreciation through investment in high-yield bonds.

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Disclosure: These “Client Solutions” are for illustrative purposes only. These are not actual clients, nor does this information represent actual client information or L&S Advisors’ ability to achieve your goals.