Sy Richard Lippman

Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager

For over thirty years, Sy Richard Lippman has been helping investors across a wide variety of economic eras and environments. As CEO and senior managing director at L&S Advisors, Sy oversees and maintains the firm’s high compliance standards and manages its growing staff of professionals.

Sy and his partner, Ralph “Rick” Scott, originally formed L&S Advisors in 1979. During the firm’s early years, Sy managed high-net-worth client portfolios in a variety of funds. His specialties included the use of options, risk, and deal arbitrage, as well as hedge fund strategies. Merrill Lynch acquired L&S Advisors in 1997, retaining Sy as First Vice President and portfolio manager with full discretion over client assets.

In 2005, following eight years with Merrill Lynch, Sy and Rick reestablished L&S Advisors as an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA). Then, as now, their shared vision is to make unbiased investment decisions based strictly on merit, not on commissions.

Before entering the financial sector, Sy was affiliated in a specialized marketing and management capacity with Sutro & Co; Clark Dodge & Company; and Dupont, Glore, Forgan, Inc. He also served as President and CEO of TD Materials, Inc., an international distributor of specialty metals to the aerospace industry.

Sy holds a B.A. from American University in Washington, D.C. and a Juris Doctorate from the Washington College of Law of American University.

On the personal side

Sy lives in Brentwood, California. He is an active and experienced blue water sailor, and member of the Del Rey Yacht Club. When he’s not on his boat, he enjoys cooking, travelling, jazz, and spending time with his grown children and grandchildren.

Sy is passionate about programs dedicated to helping the homeless and ending childhood poverty. He is a founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles and former President of Kehillat Israel Synagogue.

Something you may not know about Sy

He considers himself an excellent chess player, but his twelve-year-old grandson is even better, and regularly trounces him.

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