Individuals and Families

L&S Advisors provides individuals and families with investment management services designed in an effort to protect you from market losses and deliver steady portfolio growth.

At L&S Advisors, family is important. We typically manage portfolios for multiple generations of the same family. What’s more, we invest a significant percentage of our own family capital alongside that of our clients.

You can depend on us to guide your portfolio through today’s volatile markets. Our tactical long/cash equity strategies offer powerful downside protection, while aiming for compelling long-term returns.

The L&S Investment Advantage

  • Independent, fee-only RIA. We’re regulated by the SEC,* but we have no other financial industry affiliation, so you can count on us for objective, unbiased advice. Furthermore, investment management is our only business.
  • Focus on risk management and capital preservation. We’re committed to protecting capital from bubbles, recessions, economic deleveraging, and illiquidity as a result of credit risk.
  • 30+ years of experience. Each of the two principals have over 30 years of experience in managing equities.
  • Compelling returns. We’ve delivered what we believe to be compelling returns across a broad range of economic environments and market cycles.†

Independence and transparency you can trust

  • Proprietary investments. We don’t receive any commissions or fees from third parties, nor do we use outside investment products or managers. All investment decisions are made in house and based solely on merit.
  • Assets held by 3rd-party custodian. Your assets are safeguarded by the brokerage or custodian of your choice in a separately managed account (SMA).
  • Transparent process. Log in to your separately managed account (SMA) at any time to review your holdings and see what trades have been made.

Please contact us to learn more about how L&S Advisors can help you meet your investment goals.

*Our registration does not indicate that we are sponsored, recommended, or approved, or that our abilities or qualifications have in any respect been passed upon by the SEC or any agency or any officer thereof. †See important disclosures regarding performance.