L&S Advisors provides institutional investors with a unique approach—one that puts capital preservation first. Our actively managed long/cash strategies are designed in an effort to protect portfolios from downside loss and deliver steady growth.

L&S Advisors helps institutions, endowments, charitable foundations, and retirement plans navigate through today’s volatile markets. We have been delivering attractive returns with significant alpha and low beta for more than three decades.*

We combine rigorous real-time risk management with an active, unconstrained approach. It’s a disciplined yet agile process that enables us to pursue promising opportunities without style-box limitations and make swift allocation adjustments based on current market indicators.

Our tactical long/cash equity strategies can be used to manage all or a portion of your organization’s portfolio. We aim to maximize returns in low-risk markets by investing in what we perceive to be promising equities and preserve capital in riskier climates by moving immediately up to 100% cash.

The L&S Investment Advantage

  • Focus on risk management and capital preservation. We’re committed to protecting capital from volatility and downside risk.
  • 30+ years of experience. Each of the two principals have over 30 years of experience in managing equities.
  • Compelling returns. We’ve delivered what we believe to be compelling returns across a broad range of economic environments and market cycles.†
  • No black box or algorithmic trading. Our investment process combines the benefits of real-time and data-driven quantitative analysis with decades of qualitative experience.
  • No limitations on trade frequency. We don’t believe in trade frequency limitations (such as only weekly or once-a-month restrictions). Risk can change in real-time so we trade in real-time.
  • Low volatility with low beta. Our strategies are designed to deliver lower volatility of returns as compared to market indices.‡
  • Agile and unconstrained. We protect against loss in risky markets by immediately moving from equities to as much as 100% cash, and we seek attractive investment opportunities without restriction by sector, market capitalization, or style.
  • Adherence to industry performance standards. We provide transparent performance reporting your organization can trust, allowing you to compare L&S to other managers.

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*‡See important disclosures regarding performance and see our strategies page for actual characteristics and returns.†See important disclosures regarding performance.